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JEE mains-2021 Topper: Kavya Chopra is the first student to score 300 out of 300 in the March session of JEE Main-2021.  

He told that the chemistry used to bother him more.  Therefore, special attention was given to this.

New Delhi: Kavya Chopra of Delhi became the first student to get 100% in the examination of the March session of JEE Main-2021.  He scored 300 out of 300 points.  

Kavya believes that it is more important to pass the exam than to enjoy her process.  

Kavya told in a conversation with a newspaper that he had started from the eighth grade itself.  He joined the Fitji Institute Coaching in the 8th.  However, the target of going to the IITs was set by reaching 11th.

 Kavya says that she used to study for about seven to eight hours after school, but she did not have a fixed schedule.  

But she set a target for daily studies.  Many times the target was completed quickly.  

Kavya told in the conversation that the chemistry used to bother him more.  Many students are not able to decide whether to coach for JEE preparation or not.  

On this Kavya believes that coaching institutes show away.  To study yourself, you have to prepare yourself specifically.  There are some difficulties also.

After passing the JEE Advanced exam, Kavya aims to get admission to IIT Bombay or IIT Delhi.  She wants to do engineering in computer science.  He says that he has found in his research and analysis that computer science is good in terms of maths.  

It is also a financially secured option.  She currently wants to do engineering only.  However, he has also kept the option of going further into the research field.

Aim to get 99. 98% marks in JEE-Main

Kavya had given the JEE Main exam in the n February session as well as the n March session.  In this, he had scored 99.97% marks.  Kavya says that his goal was always to get 99.98% marks.  Therefore, he had also given the examination for the March session.  

Kavya said that in the February session examination, he had focused more attention on Physics and Chemistry subjects, despite this, he gofewerss marks in Chemistry subject.  

After this, he analyzed which topic or question was wrong.  After this, the next 15 days focused solely on the weaknesses of the chemistry.

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